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NewMail is a small program for Win95/NT4.0 that stays in the system tray and
notifies you when a new e-mail message has arrived. It can display a message box,
play a sound or even run your e-mail program (or any combination of these) when
a new message arrives. Displays a small mailbox icon in the system tray. An envelope
inside the mailbox will be displayed when a new message has arrived. It can establish
PPP connection silently in the background, check for mail and disconnect if no new
mail have arrived. Supports unlimited number of mailboxes. Detects the number of
new messages, not just whether your mailbox has been updated or not. Checks for
mail at regular intervals. Two timers; one that runs when you are not connected to the
internet and one that runs when you are. The switching between the two is handled
automatically by NewMail. Asynchronous message system that stays on screen until
you acknowledge it, while the program works in the background. Youll never miss
an e-mail message again!
file size 1002kb